Heart Rate Training with MYZONE

Heart Rate Training with MYZONE

MYZONE is a group heart rate tracking wearable for sports and fitness – but unlike the smart watches you’ve likely seen around, wraps around the chest for an unbeatable heart rate tracker that’s as accurate as physically possible. You’ll start seeing them being used and discussed at Vanda Boxing Club soon, so this should help explain what they’re for, how they work, and why they will transform your workouts at Vanda.

Managed through an app in the same way traditional fitness trackers now are, you can set goals for your activity, link with peers for social accountability, take on challenges and earn badges and titles. This added engagement and incentive makes it easy for you not just to track your fitness levels and achievements, but also to give you the boost to get more done and work harder toward your goals.


MYZONE Heart Rate Zones

Using Heart Rate Training to manage your workouts and fitness activity is not a new training method, but using a MYZONE tracker makes it more accurate and achievable than ever before. The MYZONE tracker establishes over time your average healthy resting heart rate and your maximum heart rate, and then works out five heart rate zones for your fitness activity. These are:


  • Grey zone: 50-59% of maximum heart rate
  • Blue zone: 60-69% of maximum heart rate
  • Green zone: 70 to 79% of maximum heart rate
  • Yellow zone: 80-89% of maximum heart rate
  • Red zone: 90-100% of maximum heart rate.

These zones are mapped out on your app, allowing you to accurately identify the effort put in and the results achieved from each class that you take part in here at Vanda. You can from there decide what works best for you, what mix of workouts you enjoy and what your comfort zones are – and whether or not you want to try and leave them once in a while!

myzone tile

As you train, you’ll see your heart rate zone projected onto a wall in the club, so you can monitor as you go along without having to pull out your phone and look at it when you’re busy on the bags and pads.

MYZONE is worn under your clothes for skin contact to pick up on the electrical signals generated by your heart’s contractions. Once you start seeing, and benefiting from, all of the data gained as a result of wearing it, you’ll be able to optimise and improve your training programme at the club.


Body Metrics

You can update your ‘body metrics’ (ie. height, weight, body fat) on the app as often you as you like, getting accurate data measurements from the InBody analyser by the front desk at VBC, and this along with your heart rate data will allow you to track your real-time fitness levels. As your resting or average heart rate decreases, your heart becomes more efficient; and your overall level of fitness increases.


Alongside this, there’s a whole host of other information that MYZONE can present you on your heart rate training. The wearable can calculate the calories you’ve burnt during exercise to help you plan your nutrition and monitor your weight. MYZONE also awards you with ‘MEPs’ (MYZONE Effort Points) for each time you hit one of the heart rate zones with your activity. These points accumulate over time and you can compare and contrast with your peers to see how you’re getting on – or to compete against once another! Ask one of our coaches or the front desk team about how to get your hands on Vanda’s latest addition as we continue to make your club the best place to train Muay Thai and Boxing in Singapore.

For more info, email us at info@vandaboxing.com!

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