5 shadow boxing essentials

5 shadow boxing essentials

Shadow boxing is an underrated, and often not fully understood, aspect of boxing training that forms a crucial part of preparation for exercise, sparring, and fights themselves. Even though you shadow box alone, practising the unique movements of boxing is an excellent method of warming up the body and developing muscle memory for those moments in the ring where the line between victory and defeat can come down to split second strikes. Boxers all over the world swear by shadow boxing as part of their training routine and Coach Sam has 5 tips for you to ensure you’re getting the most from your shadow box routine.

1. Focus on your technique and form
Don’t get sloppy when you shadow box. Now’s the best time to practice throwing textbook perfect punches, sharp head movement and slick footwork. It is also a good time to correct the bad habits your coach has been pointing out in your boxing technique.

2. Play out scenarios
Visualise an opponent in front of you and rehearse how you would deal with different situations e.g fighting your way off the ropes or stepping back and countering a punch. This will give you greater confidence when you actually do face these situations inside the boxing ring.

3. Be aware of your centre of gravity
When you are shadow boxing focus on controlling your centre of gravity and maintaining a solid low base at all times, so that even as you move around you are still balanced and in a good position to throw quality strikes.

4. Shadow box like you are fighting
Work on implementing game plans and strategic skills such as feints, countering and setting up certain strikes, to be a complete boxer. All of these will be movements will need to be second nature when you’re in the squared circle.
shadow boxing

5. Don’t forget your defence
Remember to include defensive skills like slips,weaves, blocks, parries, as well as evasive footwork, into your combination sequences. Boxing is a two-way street and your defense will make sure you can walk down it with more comfort. defence

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