5 Benefits Boxing Can Make To Your Everyday Life

5 Benefits Boxing Can Make To Your Everyday Life

Boxing was once seen by many as a late-night sport to be found on cable TV channels and in crumbling and dark specialist gyms –but the sport is growing in popularity all the time; and fast becoming a fitness habit for those who want to look after themselves, lose weight or tone up.

You don’t have to worry about getting punched in the face if you take up boxing regularly as a part of your wider fitness routine, as modern boxing classes focus on fitness and form, rather than fighting. Boxing can have some fantastic benefits to your every-day life, and here we look at the top five.

Increased Cardiovascular Health

heartDoing cardiovascular fitness doesn’t have to be just running on a treadmill or rowing on a machine until you hit a certain distance achievement. Rather, HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) makes for short, sharp bursts of workout that lends itself perfectly to boxing. Even if you’re actually sparring, boxing matches last for three minute rounds with a one minute rest period between – and lots of boxing classes take the same timed approach to bag work and other exercises. These short bursts of activity for your heart and lungs are extremely beneficial to their health and strength.

Lower Stress Levels

boxingIntense exercise releases endorphins: even if it’s just for a few minutes at a time rather than prolonged activities. Adding a boxing class to your fitness routine can decrease stress and boost your mood levels – making you not just healthier, but happier too!

Better Hand-Eye Coordination

coordinationYour hand-eye coordination is extremely beneficial to your overall health, as it forms part of your basic motor skills. Boxing helps improve these as it enhances your speed and reactions. You need to not to just hit a bag, gloves or pads but must do so as they’re moving. And if you don’t? The consequences will mean you learn fast!

Easy Weight Management

weightBoxing’s exercises and matches may only last a few minutes before there’s a rest period, but those few minutes are very intense. Even without a match or sparring, you can expect to burn between 200-400 calories in a half an hour boxing class – or more, if you’re taking to the ring! The Victoria’s Secret models all include boxing in their regular fitness routines as it helps tone and maintain muscle in all the right places.

More Visible Abs

absCore strength is built quickly through a regular boxing practice, and with the constant extension and revolving of the hips alongside the cardio workout, your abs often won’t be the sorest of your muscles; but they’ll have had a lot of work! As you begin to tone up all over, your abdominal muscles will become visible faster – as you’re not isolating them and working only on them, as you would with crunches or sit-ups.

So what are you waiting for? Try out a class by taking a free trial with us today!

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