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70 hours of boxing & muay thai classes, 6 days per week

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8,000 sq. ft. in the heart of the CBD at Robinson Road


15 of the most passionate & experienced coaches

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Extensive training equipment including free weights and plyometric apparatus

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What we do


Who we are
We’re not a health club or a fitness studio. Vanda Boxing Club has been established in Singapore for ten years and is proudly THE place to learn how to box whilst getting into the best shape of your life. The wealth of experience at our disposal allows us to cater to men and women of all ages, taking you to levels of fitness through boxing you never thought possible.

How you train
Training at Vanda is going to challenge you in different ways every time you step through our doors but you will enjoy it. The classes use both boxing training drills & routines to maximise the time invested, delivering a training experience like no other, making you stronger, faster, flexible and more powerful.

When you train
We have over 40 hours of boxing classes here in Singapore, running six days a week, in the mornings, afternoons and evenings, both for males and females, allowing our coaches to make sure we have the training to cater to your fitness level and boxing ability. Whether you are completely new to the sport or a seasoned veteran, membership gives you unlimited access to our classes so you can train as often as you’d like.



Muay Thai

Muay Thai or Kickboxing?
Whether it’s kickboxing or Muay Thai that catches your interest, the quality of our coaching(themselves taught by former World Muay Thai champions) and facilities have allowed members to successfully build strength, agility, flexibility and power through regular training here at our Muay Thai Gym in Singapore.

How you train
Our unique curriculum (featuring a rotation of different training themes each week) delivers results in both fitness and technique. You may be here to get fitter or be training as a fighter, either way you’ll enjoy being pushed to your physical limits in one week then going behind the mechanics of every strike, in the next.

When you train
We have over 30 hours of Muay Thai classes here in Singapore, six days a week, in the mornings afternoons and evenings, just waiting for you to come try. Membership gives you unlimited access to all our classes so you can train as often as you’d like. Our comprehensive timetable means there is always a Muay Thai class available to meet your schedule, whether you’re training purely for fitness or to become Vanda’s next Muay Thai warrior!


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White Collar Boxing


In ten years we have had more than 800 boxers compete in front of 39,000 guests. Vanda's White Collar Boxing events are without peer.

Amatuer Boxing

Who takes part?

White Collar Boxing takes everyday desk warriors from professions such as law, finance and shipping into an intense three month training programme before stepping into the ring at Vanda's award winning event. Hundreds apply, but only twenty are chosen to start a journey that will not only change their lives but also those of children in Cambodia.

Charity Boxing


Through more than $3million raised for Children’s Surgical Centre in Cambodia, Vanda’s White Collar Boxing has paid for thousands of operations for children in need as well as funding the opening of the Vanda Wing in 2013.

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Boxing & Muay Thai for Kids

junior acadmy

Why Junior Academy?

Ask most parents which sports they’d like their children to participate in and boxing or Muay Thai are unlikely to make the list. However, let us assure you the lessons they will learn in a professional environment such as Vanda will make it one of the best decisions you ever make. Even non-contact, non-competitive boxing and Muay Thai training for kids are extremely effective in both keeping children fit as well as providing a framework for learning new skills and attributes such as perseverance and respect.

Is this safe?

Absolutely and we achieve this through constant, professional supervision as well giving each child a tailored curriculum of exercise progressions to go through, allowing for safe, structured development. With over seven years experience training children of all ages, Vanda is equipped to provide a training environment where safety standards are exemplary as we are one of the few boxing clubs in Singapore offering this.

What are the benefits?

With engagement and constant activity in every class, children are exposed to a wide variety of movements and exercises based on natural motion that works in synergy with their growing bodies.With regular training, children learn valued traits of respect, confidence and self- discipline, as well as making new friends or even do amateur boxing in Singapore.

What the parents say?

He’s more confident & assured, living his dream of being a mini-Rocky!


A great physical workout that has toughened him up - he can do pushups now!

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1 Year Membership
$275/per month
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Under 21

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What our members say?

The Muay Thai classes are fun and always changing. If you want variety, you got it!

Tony Chow Member since 2014

Vanda Boxing Club focuses not only on physical strength but mental also. The holistic workout makes my day better.

Zoey Cheang Tsin Tsin Member since 2014

Participated in VBC Invitational which was a great way to put into practice what I learn. I keep coming back for more so thank you Vanda!

Reena Rajamohan Member since 2014

Amazing coaches, great atmosphere and community, love my Vanda family

Gabriela Oxby Member since 2017

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Nearest stations to VBC

Tajong Pagar MRT

(approximately 0.2km)
  • Leave MRT station using exit F
  • Walk straight across square outside Capital Tower, heading for Robinson Road
  • Turn left onto Robinson Road and walk straight to Vanda Boxing Club

Telok Ayer MRT

(approximately 0.4km)
  • Leave MRT station using exit A
  • Upon exit, turn left onto Telok Ayer Street
  • Walk straight and take the first left onto Boon Tat Street
  • Walk straight until you reach the junction with Robinson Road and turn right, walking straight along Robinson Road, to the club

Raffles Place MRT

(approximately 0.45km)
  • Leave MRT station using exit F
  • Upon exit, turn left and walk to Robinson Road
  • Turn right onto Robinson Road and walk straight along Robinson Road to the club
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